- Sprig Lite Plan

Biometric/ RFID Attendance System

Cloud Based Solution for Attendance. Automated, Timely reports, Remote access.

User registration is to be done in the device, an ID from the device will be included to an user profile either may be a student/ staff. Proximity of the card varies from 2 inches- 2 metres depends on the type of device.

Both For Staff/ Student :

Biometric: This is an advanced and most preferred solution for attendance. Marking the attendance is possible which reduces malpractices. User thumb impressions of each individual is already saved in the device.

RFID: Each individual will be provided with an unique Card, when the student scans the card it may take the attendance record either entry/ exit. The exact time of the arrival will be recorded. Based on the requirements reports can be customised.

Attendance records are sent through cloud, to the pointed server location. Final output can be seen in the dashboard.

Note: Attendance Settings must be shifted to Bio-metric before integrating Bio-metric system.

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