user profile management
- Basic Setup

User Profiles- Management/ Students/ Staff

Please follow the procedure to add student profiles.

1. Student Profiles- (Add/Edit)

  • Go to ‘USERS’ from Top Menu Select ‘Add Student’
  • Fill all the details (student, parent) in the application form, Click Save.

Student Admission Form: To add an application means student is not admitted in the school.

  • From Top Menu select ‘USERS’ Select ‘Add New Application’.
  • Fill the application with required details and Click Save.
  • After saving the student details. Admin has the control to Accept/ Reject the admission.

Admission will be accepted when the Admission requirement criteria of your school is fulfilled. Add class and allot roll number, so that student profile will be included in the class records.

If you have reject the application, click Reject so that student details wouldn’t appear in any class records.


2. Staff Profiles- (Add/Edit)

*Please follow the procedure- To add employee profiles.

  • Select ‘USERS’ from Top Menu, Click Add an Employee.
  • Fill the employee profile details, Select Role and then Teaching/Non Teaching. Click ‘Save’

* In few cases the same employee may have multiple roles, you can assign Employee to different roles.


3. Management Users- Principal, Vice Principal, Chairmen, Founder, Committee members etc.

*Please follow the procedure- To add management users

  • Go to Users from Top Menu, select Add Employee.
  • Fill the profile information and ‘Employee Role’ select ‘Management’
  • From the below options select ‘Designation’, specify ‘Department’ also if any.
  • Please check that all the mandatory fields are filled with proper details.
  • Click Save.

*After adding any User profile, please find any kind of errors in saving the profile. Also check the Success message that appears at right corner.

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